introducing our super amazing & talented team

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I became interested in sound, like many others, through music. I played in bands growing up and was always pushing for more elaborate , narrative based songwriting. I find sound design and songwriting to be synonymous in terms of creative process. Figuring out your story, understanding your characters, and constructing a well supported narrative arc were skills that were incredibly transferable when I moved into a sound design-centric space. 


I’ve never been able to pin down how I work best as, like my workload, it is constantly changing. If the task is detail and focus orientated I am best left alone to work through it without any distractions.  However, If the task is one that requires collaboration or multiple sets of ears, It’s always a pleasure to get stuck in and learn from colleagues as the project develops. 


Inspiration has always come to me though the people I’m working with and the audience I’m working for. I really love the idea of creative energy flowing from one place to the next; and that we all receive creative energy through entertainment and give it back by creating art.


I have a real passion for bringing animation to life through sound,