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staying safe


Whilst we have taken the steps to successfully reopen the studios we are mindful some people remain at home and unable to travel into the studios. Our remote record kits and SourceConnect facilities allow us to continue to serve our wider client base. 

COVID-19 is a rapidly changing situation.  We are constantly monitoring .gov advice and updating our internal processes.


We have strong contingency plans in place, actionable at a day's notice, including how to deploy all of our workers for home working to keep all productions on schedule should there be a second lockdown / and wave.

Please do not travel to our facility if you have a high temperature or feel unwell.

temp check

When entering the facility, each person will have their temperature taken before being invited into the facility.


 Admittance is strictly prohibited if you have a temperature. 


You will be asked to place your mask over your face .  You will be offered one if you do not have one.


This mask should stay on in all communal spaces, until you are seated by a sign 'social distancing zone'. 


Please try where possible to maintain at least 1metre+ distancing.

Once seated safely or where you can be more than 1.5 metres from another person you may remove your mask.


Before entering you will be required to sanitise. 


Sanitiser is in each room, booth and zone.

Please sanitise regularly and avoid touching your face.

Each space is regularly sanitised by staff.

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