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Foley Stage studios in the heart of London

We are the ultimate one-stop shop to elevate your production and bring your scenes to life with precise and believable Foley. Our comprehensive collection of props and surfaces, collected over the last 27 years, are available for use to craft bespoke and authentic Foley sounds that will enhance the realism of any scene.

The facility, located in Soho, is a comfortable and warm environment perfect for short sessions or long recording days with natural light beaming through the penthouse windows. It’s imperative to us that you feel comfortable and happy in our care. Offering an assortment of refreshments as we keep you and your guests fueled and relaxed in our luxurious London studios.


Since 1995, we have delivered outstanding quality foley for every genre and across varying platforms. Throw in exceptional talent and exemplary service; this is why Fitzrovia Post is trusted for excellence and professionalism by BBC, Netflix, Channel4, Sky, ITV, and Disney.

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Contact our friendly team for an instant quote, check studio availability, and discuss your production.

We have studios available hourly or daily for foley stage,  voice over recording, dubbing, ADR, sound design, and mixing for films, adverts, animations, documentaries, short form and long form broadcast series, commercials, games, audiobooks & podcasts.


Our experienced Foley artists are available to indulge your vision with the appropriate sounds to bring every scene to life. Character movement, footsteps, cloth tracks, realistic detailing, and unique sounds are captured on high-end microphones in a purpose-built Foley Room. 

Our Foley artists work closely with our audio Producers to ensure your project is tailored to your workflows and timelines, paying meticulous attention to your needs.

We are London's finest Foley Stage facility and boast an outstanding credit list crossing genres and skillset to give you peace of mind.

Foley Stage Showreel

For over two decades, Fitzrovia Post has trail-blazed creativity, bringing an unparalleled passion for some of the most powerful and memorable animations and enjoyable TV. 


We have worked on countless projects for television, film, radio, and online platforms. We’re here to provide any combination or the entire range of sound services; no audio project is too large or too small.


We’re excited to share with you a small selection of our Foley stage work:

99.7% of our clients give us a 5-star rating:


Lovely team and place! Very much looking forward to any future sessions.

I've had a very warm welcome. Everyone seems very skilled, warm and relaxed at the same time. Actual daylight studios with a view. And the interior is just gorgeous. Plus, lots of female power!

– Eva-Marie B.

Award-Winning Audio Post-Production Services

Guaranteed first-class experience from the moment you enter our luxurious and vibrant studios.  Established in '95, we are the masters at what we do. Here are some of our other audio post-production services:

We birth bespoke sound design for all creative content, making your vision a reality.


From epic trailers to premium animation, from commercials to award winning documentaries, Fitzrovia can handle any brief with total confidence and deliver every time.

Our custom-built acoustically designed ADR stage guarantees a rich and clear sound record. Our large ADR stage is perfect for crowd and loop group.


Set in a naturally relaxing and positive environment, to help talent to get into character to achieve their ultimate character performance.

From well-loved television to prime time radio, our sound designers are equally adept at mixing for all platforms.


With Team Fitzrovia you will be working with a plethora of London talent.

Custom-built acoustically treated studios create a rich and clear sound for voice over and commentary. 


We have multiple booths of varying sizes, all capturing clean & dry audio for soloists, ensembles, and groups.

Contact our friendly team for an instant quote, check studio availability, and discuss your production.

remote record

Our studios are equipped with Source Connect Pro X, Source Live and other remote connection systems so that you can ‘listen in’ with trusted software and direct from anywhere in the world. 


With our remote voice record booth we can ship a sanitized recording kit to artists and talent in the London area.

Contact our friendly team for an instant quote, check studio availability, and discuss your production.

Thanks for your Foley enquiry with Fitzrovia Post.We have received your message and will be in touch shortly.

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