introducing our super amazing & talented team


Keiran Brown

Owner & Director

I am obsessed with detail and quality. My world is sound, people and food.  I am driven by the great creative quality of sound Fitzrovia produces and the great humans we inhabit.


Proudly we get to work within an organisation with such a rich history, outstanding body of work and pedigree reputation. 


To see quality merge with growth and all the offshoots allow me to thrive.  My role at Fitzrovia is to lead our growth plans, harness the development of our people and ensure Fitzrovia delivers exceptional results for all of our clients.  


I am known for my direct and decisive approach to all things.  In a world ever changing and ever moving people need to know exactly where they stand and where you need them to be. I greatly believe in kindness, fairness and respect. 


I am growing a team of diverse wonderful talent at Fitzrovia with a common goal:  to produce exceptional creative audio