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introducing our super amazing & talented sound engineer

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From a young age, I have been very interested in music technology and sound design, and so it would come as no surprise that my academic achievements are tailored towards working in music studios, perhaps coming from a musical family had a role to play.

Along this journey, I decided I much preferred the more diverse world of Audio Post production, and I have to say I have enjoyed every minute of working in this area.

I work best with people who care about getting the  best out of their sound, and can convey what they want to achieve, 

I like to be well prepared for every session, and know what requirements are needed in terms of technical specifications and deliveries. 

I am inspired by producers and directors who care about how their project  will sound, and I like to feel free to be able to express my opinions and experiment , in order to achieve great results. 

I deliver the very best I can, on every project, whatever the genre I am working on and keep enjoying the job I do. (an award or two somewhere down the line would be much loved too!) 

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