introducing our super amazing & talented sound engineer

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After studying Theatre Stagecraft in Vancouver, Canada, I fell in love with building and creating sound FX and playing them live for theatre. I furthered my studies to become an apprentice in Recording Arts. This was a time when studio kits were broadly analog and splicing FX onto a reel was the norm. I retrained as a Protools Operator and worked through the ranks of TV Post Production to become a Dubbing Mixer.


I love to sound design to a blank canvas. I'm a bit zany and it usually shows in the work that I do. My best work have mostly been the ones where the clients have said "Just go for it - do what you like!"


I get inspiration from other sound professionals I have met throughout my career and have learnt so much from working with the amazing people in the industry. I owe a lot to many.


I may have been around for a while.... but I feel there is so much more to learn. Over the years, I've seen many changes in the industry, from the technologically standpoint. And I'm sure there’s more to come. Besides, I like to play with new plugins so keep them coming.