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meet some of the great humans who make the fitzrovia magic




I find myself both honoured and invigorated to collaborate with a team that is the very definition of creativity, professionalism, and awesome talent. Every day, their innovative spirit and unwavering dedication are a testament to the commitment we share in delivering excellence. Together, we strive to nurture not just successful client relationships, but a sense of shared vision and camaraderie.

From my entrepreneurial background, I bring a fresh perspective to the realm of post production. My unique insights enable me to see beyond the conventional, steering this business to reach new heights. It's this vision that breathes new life into Fitzrovia Post, a post house with a rich history dating back to 1994 under previous ownership.

We champion a 'Female First' environment at Fitzrovia Post. By creating an inclusive and empowering space, we celebrate the unique voices, talents, and perspectives of women. This commitment to diversity and inclusion fuels our team's dynamism and enriches the innovative solutions we offer our clients.

We wholeheartedly believe that feedback is a gift. As a leader, I personally cherish hearing from our clients. Your insights, suggestions, and experiences not only help us grow but inspire us in our pursuit of industry leadership.


Thanks for joining us on this exciting journey. Together, let's continue making waves and creating great tele. 

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I proudly serve as the Head of Audio at Fitzrovia Post, where I bring a wide range of creative and technical skills to the table. With a strong focus on ensuring smooth operations, I oversee projects and equip our suites with cutting-edge technology and software. I have played a pivotal role in implementing a streamlined cloud-based workflow, facilitating seamless collaboration across the business and with our clients, while prioritising the security of our valuable content. Working closely with our talented bookings team, I design project workflows that offer our clients a stress-free experience, fostering a creative environment where their visions can come to life.

Throughout my career, I have delivered hundreds of hours of programming to prestigious broadcasters worldwide, including the BBC, PBS, Discovery, National Geographic, Amazon Prime, and Netflix. As a Senior Dubbing Mixer, I am engaging and attuned to my clients and collaborators. I like to immerse myself in each project, striving to enhance the narrative with my sound work. I specialise in crafting immersive effects-rich soundtracks, studying the stories and  carefully considering how each component will sound. Committed to excellence and meticulous attention to detail, I foster a creative environment for every project.


At Fitzrovia Post, we are privileged to work on incredible projects, harnessing the wealth of experience and talent within our creative team to deliver exceptional results. We place a strong emphasis on recognising and nurturing talent, fostering an inclusive and diverse environment where everyone's unique contributions are celebrated. Our studios are renowned for their stunning aesthetics and relaxing atmosphere. We operate with streamlined workflows and an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. As our company continues to expand, I eagerly embrace the future and the exciting opportunities it brings.





I am a passionate professional in the realm of audio post-production. I thrive in the dynamic and innovative environment that Fitzrovia cultivates, allowing me to excel in my role and deliver exceptional results. The company's commitment to excellence and collaborative culture make it the perfect fit for the way I like to work and is inspiring.


At Fitzrovia, I am captivated by the vibrant and collaborative culture that permeates every aspect of the workplace. The team at Fitzrovia is not only highly skilled but also supportive, encouraging us to express our unique talents and ideas. This collaborative spirit fuels innovation and creates a sense of camaraderie among the talented professionals I have the privilege to work alongside.


One of the highlights of working at Fitzrovia is the opportunity to collaborate with a diverse range of clients, including major film studios, leading animation studios, advertising agencies, and renowned directors. Fitzrovia's impressive client portfolio reflects its reputation for delivering industry leading audio post-production services, which encompass sound design, mixing, ADR, voice recording and editing. Working closely with such esteemed clients allows me to constantly hone my skills and stay at the forefront of industry trends.


I started my love of sound at school with an old 8 track tape recorder, progressed to music studio recording, getting signed in a dance music band and DJing around the world, and in the meantime completed my MA at the NFTS. Over the years, I have had the privilege of collaborating with a wide range of clients, each with their unique visions and requirements including Peppa Pig, Thomas and Friends, Hey Dugge, The Cat in the Hat, The Little Princess, all major broadcasters and leading production companies. This exposure has not only expanded my skill set but also sharpened my ability to adapt to diverse creative demands.


I am honoured to be an integral part of the Fitzrovia Post Production team, where I can thrive within a collaborative friendly culture, work with diverse clients, and pursue excellence in every project. The company's commitment to innovation, coupled with its impressive facilities and inspiring location, provides the perfect platform for me to harness my skills and deliver exceptional audio post-production work. With my dedication and passion, I aim to contribute to Fitzrovia's unrivalled reputation in the industry, always pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation.




Having recorded with esteemed personalities such as Dame Joana Lumley, Dame Joan Collins and Sir David Attenborough, I’m well attuned to making our clients feel looked after during sessions whilst ensuring to deliver the highest quality recording.


When I’m not busy working behind the mixing desk, you’ll often find me in Foley record sessions. Having a background in Mixed Media Fine Art, I enjoy exploring the sonic characteristics of materials and objects, using them to perform and craft intricate sound effects. Having worked on numerous animation projects has allowed me to push boundaries and utilise unconventional methods to create unique sounds. This is particularly inspiring as I’m able to create entire worlds from scratch through sound design.


One of the aspects of my work that brings me immense joy at Fitzrovia is collaborating with my talented colleagues. Together we ignite our creativity, exchange ideas and spark imaginative concepts to develop exceptional sound design. It’s truly a rewarding experience to work as a team, combining our strengths and expertise to elevate our work to new heights.




My professional goal is to elevate visual content through bespoke sound design, generating emotional responses that resonate deeply with audiences through fresh and powerful sonic compositions.


The strength of my practice lies in the harmonious combination of creative intuition and technical aptitude. With a deep passion for immersive audio formats in audiovisual entertainment, I continually seek to push the boundaries and deliver extraordinary auditory experiences.


Having a background in film studies, I am an avid cinema enthusiast with a keen interest in both mainstream and art house films. This personal commitment drives me to always deliver the most impactful sound for the projects I work on. 


Additionally, I have had the privilege of working on notable projects such as fashion campaigns for renowned brands like Armani and Vogue.


My experience as an electronic music producer also provides me with a unique perspective in approaching sound design. I bring a musical sensibility to my work, seamlessly blending sonic elements in a way that harmonizes and complements the visual experience, akin to crafting a well-composed song.


Collaboration and support are the core elements that thrive within the team at Fitzrovia Post. We recognize and amplify each team member's strongest skill sets, reinforcing the collective strength of the team to deliver the best and most innovative sonic content in the industry.




My role in Fitzrovia is to effectively maintain direct relationships with our clients as well as oversee audio production schedules and our incredibly talented engineers. We take the time to listen and understand each brief to ensure we deliver exceptional results. Our team is dynamic, passionate and bursting with creativity - our goal is to produce great audio.


I find so much joy in a well planned and structured schedule. Managing production schedules for all the long and short form content that we collaborate on is an absolute pleasure. I work alongside creatives, attentatively listen to their needs and pay close attention to their projects to ensure quality is upheld on every level.


As the Audio Post Producer, I am the driving force behind seamless client communications and the main point of contact for all longform productions. With a passion for delivering exceptional results, I have successfully managed the audio process for numerous clients over the past four years, consistently ensuring on-time and budget-friendly productions.


My journey in audio post production has been marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a dedication to exceeding client expectations. I'm all about being responsive and proactive, always one step ahead, anticipating needs and formulating efficient pipelines that seamlessly integrate with established workflows. My keen attention to detail and deep understanding of audio technologies allow me to craft bespoke solutions that perfectly complement our clients' unique requirements.


Being part of the vibrant team at Fitzrovia Post is an incredibly rewarding experience. I thrive in this dynamic environment, collaborating with a diverse range of talented individuals where ideas flow freely, creativity knows no bounds, and we bring stories to life. Our lively facilities, strategically located in the heart of London, provide the perfect backdrop for ADR, Voice Record and creative Mix sessions.




My role at Fitzrovia is to keep the already well oiled machine running! We pride ourselves on our immaculate studios and like to keep them that way, so every client and guest has the same experience, nothing less than exceptional. 


I thrive on ensuring every aspect of the production process flows seamlessly. Whether it's coordinating schedules, managing resources, or overseeing the logistics, my aim is to provide our clients with a stress-free and exceptional experience. With a meticulous attention to detail and a knack for problem-solving, I work tirelessly to ensure that each production is executed flawlessly, meeting and exceeding the expectations of our valued clients.


Everyday I am blown away by the wonderful, talented bunch I work with. Hearing the audio they produce and experiencing the end results gives me a massive appreciation of the importance of making fantastic audio.




My priority at Fitzrovia is the comfort and happiness of our clients; maintaining our beautifully designed studios and communal spaces; and making myself readily available to all members of Production and Audio.

I find great satisfaction in assisting both staff and clients to ensure their work processes run efficiently - so, whether it be to welcome you in, provide refreshments, or get that extra script printed, I hope to make your day easier!


Soon after starting a degree in Media Production, I found my passion for audio and tailored the course to revolve around sound design. Eager to gain a deeper understanding of production practices and audio hardware, I became a regular contributor to the campus radio society - hosting and producing weekly shows. My job as a media technician for the Media, Film and Music departments further supplemented my knowledge on audio hardware and software

Leaving university with the highest grade on my course, I explored work experience opportunities on-set for films and in post-production for podcasts and audiobooks. Now, I’m eager to channel my energy into audio post-production and continue learning from the experienced team here at Fitzrovia.


I am thrilled to be a part of Fitz because I’m able to work alongside an incredibly talented and aspirational team - I feel so fortunate to work alongside others who share my values. Contributing my skills and experience to the Production team, I aim to maintain the high level of hospitality we are known and loved for.


As a dynamic and creative space, Fitz allows me to put my own mark on the work I do, while contributing to some of the industry’s most acclaimed productions.




I’m the audio assistant here at Fitzrovia Post Production. My role consists of many elements from dealing with incoming assets to delivery and editing audio to recording it. I love the world of audio and being in a place that nurtures both that interest, as well as my growth, is what I find so accomplishing about being an audio assistant.


My background isn’t typical to post production. I studied music production at university and have a lot of experience in recording and engineering music. Through spending time on set I learnt that the realm of TV was where I belonged and sought after it in post. From being a runner to being a machine room operator and then finally an audio assistant, I managed to work my way into the highly competitive audio world. I have recorded and edited voiceovers, tracklayed and mixed shows and I’m fascinated by Fitzrovia’s incredible ADR and foley background.


Fitzrovia instantly has an unmistakable welcoming and friendly atmosphere as soon as you walk in, that’s mixed with a chic and classy environment. It is part of why our clients keep coming back, but it's not just that. The work we do we pride ourselves on doing the very best and it shows with how many and how varied our clients are. They are an amazing mix of animation, drama, documentary and more. It’s easy to see why we have such a great time working on the breadth of shows we do.


Being at Fitzrovia isn’t just about being in one of the leading audio post production companies around, though it certainly is one of its many great attributes, but it’s also about being in a team that celebrates and upholds inclusion. In fact, being in a female-led audio team is such a wonderful experience and opportunity, it’s clear that diversity is important here and I feel it every day I come into work.

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I am the runner at Fitzrovia post. I work as a member of the front of house team, looking after clients and handling some administrative tasks, setting up the booths for the recording sessions and making sure that the team have everything they need for their sessions. As well as this I help out with some of the audio assistant tasks such as setting up sessions, receiving and sending assets to and from clients as well as fitting Foley and Sound FX for tracklay sessions, when given the opportunity to grow within the team. 


I previously studied for a filmmaking degree at the University of the West of England and am currently doing a postgraduate degree in Sound production for Television at the National Film and Television School. Its brilliant working alongside the talented and technically experienced team at Fitzrovia on such a wide variety of fantastic projects.




I come from a musical family, and from a young age I was very interested in music technology, and tailored my academic achievements towards working in music studios. 

Along this journey, I decided I much preferred the more diverse world of Audio Post production, and I have to say I have enjoyed every minute of working in this area

I like to be well prepared for every session, and know what requirements are needed in terms of technical specifications and deliveries. Working best with people who care about getting the  best out of their sound, and can convey what they want to achieve, 

I am inspired by producers and directors who care about how their project  will sound, and I like to feel free to be able to express my opinions and experiment , in order to achieve great results. 

I deliver the very best I can, on every project, whatever the genre I am working on and keep enjoying the job I do. (an award or two somewhere down the line would be much loved too!)




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As Fitzrovia Post’s finance manager, I collaborate closely with both our accounting and sound production teams. In addition to overseeing financial management, I ensure the financial viability of our creative pursuits.


By analysing data and implementing effective strategies, I empower our team to unleash their artistic potential, delivering exceptional sound production services.With a strong finance background and a deep passion for the creative industry,


I bring extensive expertise to Fitzrovia Post. From studying Economics at the University of Manchester to working as an analyst for large corporations and startups, my experience spans diverse financial landscapes. Leveraging my analytical abilities, I fuel financial performance for our rocket-like growth.


I’m thrilled to be part of Fitzrovia Post’s vibrant and dynamic culture. Our team of passionate professionals pushes the boundaries of sound production, fostering innovation and creativity. We work with renowned brands, agencies, and filmmakers, delivering exceptional results that shape the media landscape.


Being at Fitzrovia Post means being at the forefront of cutting-edge sound production. Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and versatile spaces, we bring our clients’ visions to life.


At Fitzrovia Post, we captivate audiences and elevate storytelling through outstanding sound production solutions.




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