award winning services in the heart of fitzrovia

Nine beautiful studios for Voice Over recording, sound design, and mixing of commercials, radio, TV & cinema.

We are more than a high-end Post facility.  We are the heart of Fitzrovia, having been established for 25 years in the same location.   


Book our studios and services hourly or daily.

We are fitzrovia

Guaranteed first-class experience from the moment you enter our luxurious and vibrant studios.  Established since '95, we are the masters at what we do. 

Creative passion is our calling and art form, delivering absolute excellence is our promise. 

We are excited to collaborate with you and assist in realising your creative vision.


Our acoustically treated, custom built studios offering ADR, crowd recording and VO are ready to connect to others worldwide!


Throw in exceptional talent and exemplary service, this is how we at Fitzrovia create the rich sound we are celebrated for.

sound design

We birth bespoke sound design for all creative content, making your vision a reality.


Ranging from epic trailers to premium animation, from commercials to award winning documentaries, Fitzrovia can handle any brief with total confidence and deliver every time.


Proudly boasting 25 years worth of props to bring all your foley needs to life.


 Fitzrovia host acoustically prepared foley stages, with your personal foley artist on hand at all times. Fitzrovia can sculpt your soundscape like no other!

online & offline

We have suites available to hire at our Goodge Place facility


Your Fitzrovia Producer will ensure a slick service and quality results, without exception.

digital mixing

From well- loved cinema to prime time radio, our sound designers are equally adept at mixing for all platforms.


With Team Fitzrovia you will be working with a plethora of London talent.

remote records

We have you covered for remote sessions!


Fitzrovia are always prepared to meet the government COVID requirements and are proud to facilitate seamless transportation and setup of mobile recording kit, Source Connect from any location and flexible working.